Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tracking my TZ-5

Amazon gives a unique(may be not) option of tracking your shipment. Day before yesterday, I've ordered a cam and it is 40mins away now.. :). It is now in Lawton which is a nearby town to Duncan and a 30 min drive.

Update: got it and clicked some snaps.. :D. So far impressive.. 

This is macro mode: foci is 2 inches away. by the way thats my hair.. :D. and if you remember STAEDTLER.. the same pen.

nothing to explain i guess.. 

Tree focused through dirty glass window of my office.. autofocus works more or less fine... on a side note..  somebody has given me a far more superior autofocus for my eyes. Gosh.. autozoom + autofocus would have been much better.. :D

finally.. was trying this.. timer option.. :D

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