Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Me & Creativity...

What.. ?

Long time back..  I was talking with my closest one about the nature of my marks transcript. It is kind of funny.. it used to have.. above 90's or near stamps (people from JNTU will understand stamps). The distribution is almost two peaks.. I used to do good with certain type of problems and equally bad with others.. They are of specific kind.. like Managerial Economics.. 

On a different context, I was talking about the creativity.. like 'comparing nature with a lady and comparing the whole greenary with saari'. As such I don't have a problem with these (and nobody cares) but I was thinking about my inability to creat such a work.. 

I told that there are certain things.. that I can't do... I can't even give an average performance. But the feed back was, "no.. this is what I feel about others.. not you"

Now.. why the hell I digg all these things.. ? today morning I was going through some of the telugu blogs. I was really tempted, by the kind of Telugu they use.., to think in those lines.. Hey... the problem is the same. I can't create/imagine beyond what I know.. I can build on them.

Some times it feels so funny the way my dreams turn out.. they are also.. so structured and never go beyond practical limits.. means they are aslo.. practically possible.. !!

kind of sucks right..??

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