Thursday, October 16, 2008

Do I believe in god/mighty power?

I don't believe in praying to god. That far I'm sure.. 

anyway.. the thought started like this!! I was thinking about human eye and as we all know that we took.. too many years to understand the underlying theory!! If we believe that there is nothing called god and everything.. happend through evolution.. then, it is quite amazing the way.. evolution has understood the necessities for sensing.. and equally amazing the way.. it understood the physics and engineered some of our parts.. 

evolution.. the entire process of creating us, starting from unicellular organisms.. or infact nothing..  wow.. 

by the way.. have you ever thought about gentic algorithm. ??

if so.. no need to think about polution we create and the extent we spoil earth. Like, evolution.. killed dinosaurs and created better (at least as of now) species like us.. it may kill us and create less poluting species.. :)

deviating too much from the topic.. special theory of relativity says.. the solution for equation motion is singular when the body reaches light velocity. Means.. there is no way... you can not  reach light velocity. 

In the same way.. there is a discription for the entire univeserse based on big bang. Whose solution is singular at the estimated time of big bang.. which says.. we do not have any starting!! 
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