Wednesday, September 3, 2008

At night 9:42pm!!

Even though everything else is so much confusing.. to us, there are certain things.. that are clear. Hunger and sleep belong to that category, at least for me..  :D

So.. I'm hungry now. Just two hours back I ate a pizza, which looked ok at that time but now I'm damn hungry. I have to eat rice with Omelette!! Now, at this time, I'm going to start preparting.. he he...

As I started the operation I remembered that I don't have rice and oil in my room. Though I bought rice yesterday, I left that bag in somewhere..  I searched my kitchen here and there.. I found some oil (given by deepika) and some left of rice about.. 3 ounces. (I know, incompatible units but I use it for kitchen measurement).. 

so... my omlette is getting ready now!! hurray......
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