Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stark Contrast....

I was talking with some one very close. My question was, you want to go for Ph. D. or some sort of higher studies? The answer was quite interesting.. "I don't think I wan't to learn something in school. The only thing I'm interested in is understanding typical human relations "

Well, the reason it is interesting is because of my opinion about human relations. If I don't have to understand people I would be more than happy. In other words, it is total waste of time and energy if we make an effort to understand people. Yeah that is me...

To explain, hell.. when I'm not even close to 'consistent' in my behavior (which makes it almost impossible for people to react and respond with me... ). I have to spare people from my 'expectations misery'..

So the reason, why I will be happy if I don't have to understand people around me is because, I will be out of that almost impossible task.. !! And I said, waste of energy.. 'cas may be I can focus on something simple.. (which people think is difficult) making myself little more productive.. :D

ps: I might have got my basics wrong.. !! but this is just a conclusion from a feasibility study.. applicable only to me. ;)
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