Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The most beautiful..

.. part of my life is that I have't planned for.

By saying beautiful.. I'm trying differentiate those smiles on my face with out pride. There are hell a lot of things that make me happy, though they won't fit in the 'beautiful' category for exact same reason.

On a different note, I'm reading a book with the title "Subtlety of emotions". I can't recollect the name of the author but that book is really good. To explain a little bit, he tries to understand the nature of emotions scientifically. He introduces conceptual tools to measure/analyze/characterize emotions. It was a very interesting read for me but it took more time to get the things sink in..

This reminds me of a workshop I attended two years back on presentation skills (science of making your point). My premise, before attending, was
  1. Giving/preparing a presentation is a form art
  2. Art doesn't involve logic
Since I'm not really good at doing something with out really connecting it to myself, felt it is going to be a waste of time exercise. But to my utter surprise, that fellow logically supported (though used statistical means) the importance of a specific structure and in fact his presentation also followed the very structure he was talking about. :)

ps: I totally agree now that I was terribly wrong with my understanding about Art. My inability to find logic in certain things.. is the culprit most of the times.

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