Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1:51PM On a boring office day..

A: Hey A...
had lunch?
B: yes.. sir.

A: yeah... chalega...
inkemti sir?
B: let me ask you something..
A: go ahead

B: what do you feel about usage of the word 'love' for a relationship between a boy and girl..
A: it is apt... no issues

B: why do they add.. pure love.. or unconditional love. like adjectives to that.. .??
A: that's all bullshit man... no need of adjectives!!

B: if a boy and girl.. liked each others' company.. and just felt like living together..
then.. does this fit into the def. of love.. ??
A: hey, again definitions vary... it's not the definition that matters...
if we talk about definitions, we should also consider things like rules and regulations of this society and such trash...

B: ok.. let me tell you from where I started.. thinking all these..
a boy and girl..
boy is a kind of rude.. and irresponsible person..
forgetting about the way in which they fell in love..
one fine day.. the idiot met with an accident..
infact.. he drunk and drove..
now.. the girl comes, cries.. and sobs.. to digest the fact that.. he was injured to death..
*she was not bothered about the drink & drive irresponsibility...
**my question is what made her think that way.. ??
A: hmmm... i could see one fundamental point here...
it's those sweet and tender moments that count...
let's stick to this boy and girl concept...
suppose b and g met each other, find each other so compatible and spent some days or weeks or months cherishing each other...
even if they get separated, or get conflicts, there will be some soft corner that's left in both... momentarily, they may get hostile feelings, but in the long run... the soft corner lives longer... this is my argument
what do you say?

B: it is indeed true..
but my question is, why it should be that way.. .;)
A: ha ha... we are human after all...

B: yeah..
A: but, is there any specific case that you have seen, as you have described??
B: not exactly.. some time back..
I started thinking.. about the pampered usage of the word 'love' leading to disastrous decisions.. and all..
A: i think this is where learning by examples will help...
for example, we read many novels, and watch many sensible movies... so, naturally we sort of get what is what... so, our conscious will lead us in a better way, i suppose
even learning by experience helps, but it's too costly to afford... ;-)

B: don't you think some of these media is giving too precious impression on 'love' which is not quite practical.. in most cases.. ??
A: yeah, of course... driving the innocent in wrong direction...
B: yeah.. exactly..
A: see it's a fact that the bad and the illusion spreads faster than the good and the reality
so, the filmmakers and news media are cashing that basic instinct of our nature
if somebody shows a 10th standard boy THE BEAUTIFUL MIND, how far can he understand or even accept it?
whereas if you show him a Chiru's movie, where he kills 10 at a time and flirts two or three, it works

B: so.. on that same note.. what attracts these young minds.. towards love.. ??
A: how young?
like 15-22 years age group?
B: I wouldn't include twenties..
say.. 15 to 17 or 18 where they don't have faintest idea of living together.. !
A: ok... most of those who fall in group are desperate for attention...
and so are the consequences... it's simple...
B: *with exceptions.. though.. ;)
A: yeah, that is why i used ALMOST
and the rest may be genuinely in sync with their inner feelings
B: hmm..
2:36 PM
A: how do you rate this discussion of ours?
B: suitable for a blog post.. with minor edits.. ;)
A: ha hha...

PS: I was thinking to blog about a thing, happened with my friend long back due to this 'precious Love' opinion which took two innocent lives, for a long time.. and finally felt that this conversation would do that job....!!
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