Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How boredom is good..

After almost four or five months of lazying around (excluding office hours)..  yesterday at a frustrating moment, I decided that I would do some thing.. different. obviously some tech-geek stuff.... 

There aren't much that interest me.. technical side.. I would read a lot of garbage which would apparently not at all useful at this point.. but will give me a feel of whats going on in the world.. may be some times I will go to an extent of hands on.. 

and for the non-technical things... most of the things are random.. can start from simply lazying around to unplanned travels and other good stuff.. 

somehow I would do either of the things to an extent of boredom..  (Law of marginal utility) and switch to the other.. 

It is good to feel bored, frustrated and switch your way rather.. switching half convinced.. :D
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