Friday, February 6, 2009

Carporate musings..

There is a guy I know...

He was working on a new resin system. That was a large scale testing facility. On an unfortunate day he cut his thumb in a wild accident in the facility. In that sad moment too... he got an interesting idea and he put his cut thumb in that resin liquid and let that set. This incident happened 20 to 30 years back.. Now he uses that resin ball with his thumb in it as a paper weight..

I went to his lab once and saw a lot of tree pots on a special grill near to the roof of that lab.. and I asked him about them.. He started telling the history of individual tree pot.. One of it was a gift from his girl friend on one of his birth day.. (25 or 30 years old..) He narrated the whole history of each tree pot, how one of the tree pot out grew a tiny pot.. and when changed the tree to another pot and all..

On a fine day.. he was told that he was fired.. 'cas of cost cutting business..!!

ps: Watch this movie The Corporation if you have time. We keep on forgetting that there is nothing emotional about our work palce!!
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