Sunday, November 16, 2008


The following may connect well the 'ps' of my previous post. In my final days.. of iisc. A group of people gathered in Prof. Ayyappa's lab. I started talking my concerns about my job..

Somehow I was really concerned about the things I would do as my job..

There was an inspiring statement from that conversation..
"The thing that earns you bread and butter need not be the one you are passionate about. So do your job for 8hrs.. and have your time to do your like"

This looks fairly simple.. but listening it from other source has more strength (you know that some one else believes in it) as opposed to pushing yourself on your own.. which may look like a compromise (though depends on mood)

There were times I was really confused to lead myself.. I used to listen.. listen and listen.. to my friends. The intention was.. I may find one word or sentence.. just simply drifts my way of thinking.

The difference between this moment and previous moment.. most of the times, is just a thought..
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