Friday, August 29, 2008

Killing time.. how?

I, in general, won't be having any plans for my day to day work. I just follow my interests at that very moment. So today.. I started my day by thinking I would complete some of my work (office work). Finally at the end of day... what I achieved is..

New ubuntu release, with a brand new visual theme... and a lot of garbage about ubuntu new technology and some diggs which talk about the funny two letter naming of each ubuntu release.

Then went to fedora, my all time favorite. As fedora launched new f9 recently, the visual appearance of f10 is not there yet. But Red hat show cased new fedora 10 (Cambridge) Alpha release and its new technologies, which includes new rewritten pulse audio sound server architecture to adopt new time based scheduling, a new programming language called Haskell, and more importantly.. a redefined graphical boot process. You can find more info at fedora wiki

I got lost in all these garbage.. and now I'm sitting here and thinking about what is that in the above that made me kill my time with out even thinking about at thing called boredom....

Only thing I can think of... is, unlike every other study where you learn what is there, here with programming you create your own world, your own physics, and your own design. So.. your imagination is at work most of the time unlike in the other cases where your senses work the most to understand what is there....

may be wrong... may be right!!
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