Thursday, August 28, 2008


I hate waiting...

Saturdays.. my dad used to go bazzar to Palakol, a small but good town near to my village. This is a routine for him especially in the first week of every month. He used to do shopping for monthly groceries, weekly vegetables and other supplies. What does this has to do with my waiting..

There were a couple of occasions when I used to accompany him mostly out of boredom. He usually stops a motor mechanic shop and leave me there and used to go for shopping. I was at an age of 8 or 9..

An unknown place unknown people.. I used to look at the way he went, for hours.. I hated that..

Did things changed with my age.. no..

Why am I telling all these garbage now.. ?? Anyways... this reminds me so many connected incidents..

I got a comment recently.. I live in the past more... I guess I do. But the irony is my memory is so poor that I can't keep track of my keys properly but here, the same works in a different way.

What else.. I couldn't sleep yesterday. I kept on thinking about what was I doing in the past week. Today is good.. I can count it.. and I can sleep.. bindas. Tonight is mine...

A weird thought came to me just now.. what I really need?? Just falthu work which doesn't have any direction? no clue.. Anyways.. I have one strong desire... I need to know what makes me 'me'. I'm not talking about metaphysical reasoning.. I need a physical reasoning.. I should feel(?) it.

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