Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Food for brain.....

There are a couple of things I want to understand and could not get a proper direction.. Let me put them down here. May be I can write something on them at a later stage... hopefully!!

* How much time can you keep a conversation/company interesting to the other person in the absence of that "courtesy" factor in the listener? and on which factors it depends on?

* How much complicated is the thermodynamic behavior of living phases like a bacteria phase for that matter of fact human beings (bulk) ?

First one is my fight to understand.. certain things.. and the second one is to support me by saying it so complicated to understand, in case of my failure to.. understand!!

PS: I'm gone mad!!

PPS: One of the things that I'm so fascinated about is "Human brain" as whole. The way it works. By some one's grace I got one ;). I'm just throwing that one in every possible direction that I see so as to keep things exciting for me. Gosh.. there are so may things that can fascinate.. me. Have you ever tried to write a anlytical equation to track the skin surface on your face as function of deformation (movement) in the lower jaw..
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