Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nostradamus - 08

So.. I don't know how far my surrounding changed.. in the last few years, but I changed. What change..?? There used be days.. I was afraid to think.. afraid to.. see day changing. Now.. much more freedom in my thoughts...

The most sickening thing is.. I always believed that I will be like this some time or the other..

But why it is sickening.. ?? Let me talk about my future.. the way I see now...

Will get married, some kids, no Ph. D. (don't believe if say.. i will go for Ph. D.).. Going step by step in my profession..

How this is going to happen.. whatever.. opinions I have will slowly.. get faded.. with time. Then, what ever happens next is obvious..

PS: I never commit to anything.. making myself obvious. ;)
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