Thursday, December 17, 2015


Here is the deal right..

On day, mom taking me to market and suddenly asked me stop and said there is Mary maa's temple she will go pray. Some one already told her that she has to use candles instead of diya and fruits are okay as usual.. She did    just that and introduced me to new goddess to along with  Durga, lakshmi etc..

Then again one more time some introduced her to a new temple where there is no god. Darga.. She did her puja the way it is suitable for that temple..

Years later I was told that.. These god and temples are mutually exclusive. But for her it was just god irrespective of the way u show him. For religion which God is important. For her God is important, just because no one knows which one is the real, pray every one just to be sure.

So, the my peeps of India - u don't have any religion. Ur understanding of god/spirituality is just your culture. U r so called Hindu by culture. 
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