Friday, January 25, 2013

How long?

There are certain moments everyone's life that defines how they live from then on..

The night before that sort of that defining day.. I was walking away from him and felt that uneasiness, I feel now... The next day morning, we were ready to leave the place and he wanted to come with us. Oh.. he was in his trademark white & white.. But couldn't get into 'cas there were others in the cab. He shouted on the bus driver while he was walking away..

Don't remember how we traveled but we stopped for lunch.. Did he sit with us? Don't know why but he didn't. We finished eating and got down.. and was watching him walking aside the bus from back and suddenly... suddenly he collapsed. There was blood. I saw him in a lap and that lady was crying and shouting. Wasn't he the one who took care of her from childhood? Was it just crying? What was I doing? Do I remember his warm body against my face while I was carrying him in my lap? How long were those two hours?

How long? 
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