Friday, December 30, 2011


I was with office folks, having chai.. I wanted to tell them a dialogue from the movie Wall-Street 2 by Michael Douglas.

So I started by saying, there is this movie Wall-Street 2, did any one of you watched?. The answer was negative. The I said "There is this guy".... "ooh I forgot his guy's name.."... "Let me see if I can recollect the name"

After some thought.. I remember this movie, Basic instincts, quite known to all. So with renewed enthu, I tried reminding them the movie..  but I couldn't recollect that name as well..  :(

So.. I thought of taking their help by narrating the line of Basic Instincts, "That movie in which that lady tries to cheat.. " I forgot the name, lie-detector..  oops. 

After gazillion of hours of struggling I got reminded of the term lie-detector... and my dear friend said Body of evidence? I said.. no. and then he said.. "Basic instincts.. and Sharon Stone". ha.. finally..!! Then I said "not that lady but the guy.." He says.. "yep. I don't remember the name of that guy.. but he is there in a lot of movies."

Finally one person came close.. so I finally.. finished my task.. "Yep that guys says.. around 40% profits from the US corporations came from financial sectors.. how do you explain that"

Wow.. relief!!!

ps: 2012!! 
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