Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gibberish about perception..

To put it straight, there are many layers between 'what we are' and 'what others think we are'.. If we are not interested in others' perception about us.. you can skip the rest. But for others..

As humans, we always learn about our surroundings... and the extent depends on our capacity to analyse and resolve things.. We make certain notes and points.. with some parameters associated... like, the person, situation, surroundings.. and many more.. More often we relate our notes with sets of these parameters.. To give you an example..

'Mr. Ding is totally incapable of talking with strangers.. '
I have a function-talking and I have a value for it-incapable and it at a combination of parameters, 'Mr. Ding' and 'with strangers'

There are two ways in which I love to keep others' perceived value of my function
    1. at extremes.. either min. or max..
    2. or totally randomise with disinformation..

Second one is called.. being un-predictable. Well, it is always good to keep as many parameters as possible when we note something.. Over generalization will have devastating consequences..

ps: I'm not really sure what I really want to convey here except that there is a funky way of looking at simple things.. :D
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