Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life log..

I have been thinking about this for a long long time.. any way.

Here is the deal. I want my life to be a searchable index. There are multiple reasons for that.

1. Constancy! One and the primary. For some time I was thinking that just merely stating facts rather than my perception is enough to avoid constancy problems. Well the fact is perception is fact. There is no other way to know facts. But anyway, the problem with perception is, it changes according to the contemporary factors and the information that crept in to my mind recently. So, it always makes it easier for me to go back and look at the factors that made me state or believe that fact with objective evidence. Some how consistency and credibility are closely related.

2. Engineering! I don't claim my self an engineer but I like the concept of engineering. Now I will call it as Life engineering. As always with engineering, if you don't have proper model to predict/optimize any process, you need data (experimental data). That is where it comes handy.

3. Path! Life is no way Markovian process. It is strongly history dependent. Well, some times I hear people say, forget about the past and start a fresh. But, if something has hurt me terribly, it is quite obvious that I have to take steps to stop that happening again (until and unless there are other stated objectives associated with it). Learning.. it makes my life non-Markovian. Me today, is because of 2o odd years of mental and physical grinding. It is always good to keep track of what made me ME.

totally off the topic, now a days, all my thoughts are leading to a single conclusion.. the way I'm, the way I fail and the way I work is because of my design.. and when ever I thought of giving credit to my share (through decisions, feelings and others.) it comes out as "I think the way because of my design.." ;) It is really funny to think that I my self is not responsible for what I do rather the one who designed me in the first place.. :D

ps: this post doesn't tell why I chose the said three to be important.. fact is I, myself, doesn't know.. But these are the topics, that keeps interested with any subject.
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