Thursday, May 14, 2009


"What you think you know is not what you know.. "

Funny looking statement right..?? Before going into the details of what it is and others.. let me put one more sentence before you..

"You can't be more than what you are.."

Hell with this.. what am I talking..??

First one is an interesting observation from some one whom I don't know! Let me try to explain. Most of the times you think that you know what you are doing.. but before you knowing itself.. your Brain starts sending signals. So in essence.. there is a fine difference between you knowing and your Brain knowing..

Well, like a lot of abstractions built into our way of analysis and thinking.. here you have one more. Our brain knows much more than what we think we know.. which is can be the reason why we don't behave the way we expect ourselves to be.. ;)

This came from an interesting discussion with one of my friends, when I was in IISc. (Name omitted for privacy reasons)

And coming to the second one.. It is more of philosophical in nature.. In fact it is the way I try to approach things (try has to highlighted.. ;) ) Another version of the same line which comes to my mind more often is.. "If it is not mine, I don't want it.. " Certain things are little difficult for me to do (or to get) by design.. (ha aha.. ) So.. it is a way of keeping myself away from cribbing..
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