Thursday, April 30, 2009

Of late..

.. nothing seems to be interesting.

after so much blah.. blah.. on describing what went wrong.. I jotted down some of my options...

these are my options..
1. buy and start reading. some book on mathematics..
2. buy and read novels..
3. get a new comp..
4. go for a long trip... (I like lonely bus rides..)
5. apply for new job
6. apply for phd..
7. kill some one.. ;).. if you have someone in mind let me know.. ;)
8. digg world wide web..
9. eat some ones brain..
10. watch any movie.. :D

well, I tried most of these extensively.. and some could not touch 'cas of obvious reasons. I need something to keep me interested for sustained periods of time.. may be I should dream!!

update: bought a new comp yesterday (3/5)

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