Thursday, February 26, 2009

Status update.. kind of!!

Lately, there is no personal information in here.. so let me start..

Recently I went to my cousins marriage.. in my home town. Which was really beautiful. Interestingly.. celebrations can be quite entertaining if you are interested in celebrating and if you can get right set of people in right numbers :)

We guys in our apartment were struggling to get a broadband Internet connection for a while. Though some of our friends suggested us to go with BSNL, we started looking at some private alternatives. Firstly with the Airtel, then with Reliance. Finally with TATA Indicom fellows. Anyways.. we are at home after these Indicom guys.. agreed for new connections in our area..

My Dad started constructing a new house in my native place... with a lot things he claims failing... it is becoming more of a fun exercise.. Fun to us and time pass to my Dad. People got to kill time someway....!!!

My life.. nothing special.. there used to be times when I used think and get frustrated of wasting time.. counting productive hours and mins. Now I'm more relaxed.. But I'm concerned about one thing.. I will obsolete very soon with this rate of learning!!!

And personal personal things.. It is better to use the word 'confusing' I guess ;)
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