Friday, January 30, 2009

What if..

I was in my bachelors first year.. first year classes just started! Like every body else in my hostel I was attending c programing classes..  on a typical day.. instructor was telling something..  I finished it before hand.. and waiting on others. Meanwhile my fingers (in air) are moving inthe  pattern which you type.. 
#include "stdio.h"

roll 7 years.. over.. 
Still the same.. me sitting before a comp. passionate about a much simple logical world.. now for a change.. what if.. 

suddenly something happened with me... I was absent to the office for a month around.. Something terrible happened and never realised the intensity until I sat before this same comp again.. I could not type those letters which introduced me to a fascinating world.. I don't have my fingers!!!

This sort of thing is terrible to even imagine. There are hell a lot of people in these bomb blasts in buses. public places and otheres lost their future, passion and lives. 

ps: I was watching the movie "Mumbai Meri Jaan" some days back. 
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