Monday, January 5, 2009

Kaun dharega hamare dhamkee se...

Somebody should have to give these terrorists a hit.. Those will never care even if India strikes... and anyway.. I haven't known India striking in our entire history. May be we know of defending our territory.. but never went for any others'.. 

For get about Mahatma Gandhi.. starting from Gautama Buddha.. who taught peace.. 
Alexander came we defended our territory.. but never went into his.. 
Mohammad Ghori came... 
Gajani Mahmud.. (by the way we take movies on these glorious people..)
The french.. 
The Portuguese..
Britishers.. every body.. robbed us and finally.. we got so called freedom.. 

And now.. we stand at LOC can't even keep our boarder. ..  and we talk about philosophy.. 
Long live India.. 

ps: Words of Kunal Kulkarni.. while I was reading about Israeli strike of Gaza strip. 
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