Friday, November 7, 2008


For almost 10 days.. no information flow through my regular channels. Though I have access to the net, it is giving me enough troubles to make me frustrated :). So no updates here.. 

Whats happening these days..? Nothing much. I visited my sis's house and stayed there for a day and went to cousin's house.. spent some good time. If you guys ever been to 'konaseema' (in river Godavari delta) you will enjoy the hospitality of the people there. I went to gas-station there to fill air in bike.. and I got to give him change and as always.. I was out of coins.. That guy of my age says.. 'parvaledu unchandi' (It is OK sir leave it). It is not about the words but the body language altogether makes you feel comfortable with that place & people.. My 'chinnamma' (mom's sister) put food in my lunch plate.. and just started looking at me.. simply.. 

Some little interesting things started happening with my personal life.. nothing unexpected though. Anyways expecting things to flow naturally.. 

Moving on.. I'm satistying my taste-hunger.. with my fav. food.

ps: I expected some (my usual) cynical analysis here.. but could not get the right words and meaning.. :D. By the way.. whats up with the world..??
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