Sunday, October 12, 2008

One year.. Part I

(IISc final days)

I have completed my one year with this job (in a new place) by last Aug 16th. I haven't given much thought to it then.. but now, I'm thinking it would be good if I look back.. 

I left IISc on 13th of August. Everybody left that place one month (even more) before except me, Arun & Mari!! Mari is altogether a different person so.. me & Arun used to roam together. Funny days.. we used to sleep in the labs and get back to Sivaram's room in the morning get freshen up. (by that time they took back our rooms and canceled mess registration). So... then to goto coffee board for coffee and breakfast etc.. 

Anyways.. I worked till 3 o' clock that night (should be 12th) and completed my report and met my boss at 10am to say my bye bye.. the only words from his mouth were 'ok.. fine'. I returned to my (ex) lab and sat there.. then Sivaram came and asked me what happened. We laughed and cursed boss and after that anki joined the party. We went to coffee board and it was almost time for me to leave... I have to thank sivaram for taking care of some minor issues like backing up all my data.. He was a very good lab mate and neat company.

And fially 'I'm supposed to leave'.. everybody in the 2006 batch gave send off to me (atleast people with whom I used to talk more friendly) and interestingly Arun was missing.. ;) you could expect this from him..  anyways.. I guess I got hold of him.. later. 

I almost forgot.. mean while Gopal was getting settled in Pune. I started writing this long long mails to him. It eventually turned out into this blogging.. 

There ends the saga.. 

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