Monday, October 20, 2008

Example dream.. :D

Last time I talked about the nature of my dreams.. Today afternoon I slept. Somehow I got a dream.. 

The details are like this.. I was discussing something with a Chinese guy about how to design a custom surfactant molecule to enhance the wettability characteristics. The details of this part.. I forgot.. 

Anyway.. at the end of our discussion, one Chinese lady came. I guess her job is to design an apparatus to measure contact angle of a transparent surfactant solution. She was explaining the design principle of the equipment. It was quite interesting.. taking a circular strip of glass and pour adequate amount of clear surfactant solution and put a 'far-light source' to pass trough this fluid and analyse the resultant image, which will be concentrated light depending on the curvature of the fluid element on the glass strip. 

The thing is, the details the Chinese lady talked about are quite interesting. Image analysis to find the contant angle is kind of neat and this circular glass strip is good as it reduces the noice 'cas of circular symmetry.. and by the way... the optics principles were perfect. 

As I said.. my dreams also.. booooring..  

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