Monday, September 8, 2008


"I want to see, real, living, and in the hours of my own days, that glory I create as an illusion. I want it real. I want to know that there is someone, somewhere, who wants it, too. Or else what is the use of seeing it, and working, and burning oneself for an impossible vision? A spirit, too, needs fuel. It can run dry." -- Ayn Rand

I picked this somewhere from The Fountain Head. This is talks about the need to know that you are not the only one out there to think/feel/do/want like the way you are.

Me.. I don't need to know the person per say.. but if I know that there was/is some one who has under gone/going through the same stage that I'm going through now.. it gives a support!!

I got different people in different phases of my life who were exactly like this.. In fact after reading the fist two three pages of The Fountain Head.. my first thought was like.. these words were mine. (not all but some.. n may be in a different context).

Give this book a read if you got time!!
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