Friday, September 19, 2008

The Departed..

You spend so much time together.. You wonder how many things we did together, which fascinated us. You always wonder how much close your opinions are.. And even more.. you feel how much you know about the other..

Give some time gap. If you are.. a little observant enough, will be amazed to see.. how many things would have changed.. !!

This reminds me of a friend long long time ago.. I had a friend, Kranthi. She was my plate mate ;) before going to school. So my age would be around 4 to 5 and hers would be around 3 to 4. We used to play together, eat in together in the same plate and some times, sleep together. I remember one day.. her mom feeding her with some Dal rice full of ghee. I guess, I know that taste till now. Anyways.. she forced her mom to feed me also..

One of the funny incident was, we had some quarrel and she told that she will slap me. I went aggressively on her by saying.. "come on! do it". Guess what.. she slapped me.. Every body started laughing.. Being a man, I was felt really hurt. I slapped back.. ;) but couldn't make the laughing stop.... :(

Anyways.. when I was in my second standard.. their family left my place and after almost 10 years (I guess I was doing my +2) I met her in a marriage function. I realised that so may things hav changed between her & me. I should have tried to re-understand her.. but no time..

never met her again..

Given this.. I assumed that.. it is because of being in childhood days.. but things are not that different even now. !!

PS: I stole this title from a well known movie..
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