Monday, August 4, 2008


A running race... 1000m running race.
Three people started... at different different starting points. First one at 0m, second one is at 200m and the third one is at 400m. Who will reach first? the third one.. !! yes, he did.

don't you think it is unfair.. ??

Analogous situation.. My relative.. two years younger than me. I always felt that he was somewhat good in studies compared to me. I've joined my bachelors of engineering. (my father paid my fees). He could not. 'cas his father could not pay the fee.

unfair again.. right??

Lots of kids in this world are not eligible for certain things because of their parents' place/religion/economic conditions. To exaggerate, a kid born in Africa is not eligible for certain facilities to which. say, an Indian kid had simply because he is born in Africa.

Next, a question comes!! Yes, the world is unfair. What are you doing for that except writing garbage like this? Good question but what should I do? Let me explain...

One will start helping others.. He is the giving hand making others taking hands. So.. what is the problem here..??

Do you like someone showing mercy on you?? For me the answer is I hate that to hell. Then why should I get satisfaction in doing the same to others? What makes them accept the one I can't? Totally unnatural for the normal conditions.

The world is so unfair that if forces certain people to have an unnatural/supernatural life.. ;)

PS: This is there in my mind for a long time and came out yesterday when I was talking with my friend. It is a way of supporting me for not doing anything... ;)
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