Sunday, August 24, 2008

At the age of 24 yrs..

I don't smoke, I don't drink & I don't go after girls.. nope!! I do all these.. I started this not at the age of 15, 16.. but in twenties... At an age, where I know what I'm actually doing..

If somebody asks me why do you do all these.. my immediate response would be, why shouldn't I?

Anyways... let me put some peoples' argument on why you should quit smoking/drinking or what ever..

It will spoil you health..
I don't give a damn except with smoking.. where I lose my stamina which I don't like. It should never be like, I don't have enough energy to do what wanted to do.. but anyways, I don't do anything to care for my stamina/energy levels.. (jog is a good option though)

you will spoil the environment.. by smoke.
India.. how many people are envi. conscious. Forget about India, how much energy I waste for house hold purposes which adds to green house effects.. In fact I can save energy if I smoke/drink 'cas I go for sleep early. I guess the net effect would get canceled..

drunkards.. will create social problems..
I will drink in my room.. and I don't do it till I get crazy..

Social life.. ??
these are actually additions to a good(?) social life...

I don't have any at this point, at least with me.. (my parents are so far away from me)

Just keeping all these things aside.. I really enjoy getting addicted to something.. either work or other things.

PS: I got bored of all these.. and I'm searching for a new subject(or things) now :)
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