Wednesday, July 2, 2008

IISc... a recap!!

I tried to write something on IISC when I was in IISc but couldn't. Now.. when I look back.. It was like a dream..

When we first entered the campus, it welcomed us with chilly breezes, rain every day... first impression was what a wonderful climate. A torturuous course work.. as most of my classmates say.. but I enjoyed the class work. Infact those impression were still on me. This working for 8hrs is no way considered as working for me..

Some shocks at the end of the first sem. But eventually when we got the results, it was a nice feel for me. Second sem.. I always enjoy the final days before giving the end exam.. The reason may be I will be fully occupied with only one thing.. studies..

Second sem was over.. now it is project. I was left alone with a problem of mine.. My boss kept me on running toes... all the time.. It was terribly hard to catch him. But in the mean time I fouind an other wonderfull companian.. C++. I heard some nice comments about C++. and enjoyed programming with it. That was the best part of my project.

There is an other side to this also.. working.. sitting before code.. for almost 5 months to find bugs.. and eventually knowing that it is not my mistake.. the theory that supports my works has a flaw.. I still remember the day when I spoke to my Boss and after that just simply stading on the balocony..

Meanwhile so many things happened. Jobs.. is the worstest part that I have seen these two years. Trying to project something before some stupids... and not able meet their stupidity. Now I am able to see them directly and most importantly i'm a part of all these....

And what else.. Gymkhana, Shanti Sangar Restaurent, Coffee board, Tea Kiosk.. Friends, Boss, Gibbs.. and what not... a life that I ever wanted to live..

PS: This I wrote some time back somewhere.. Today I happened to find that. Just felt like putting it here..

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