Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It is always good to see me working.. There are a lot of things that can be solved if we try enough to find a solution. This is most applicable in the deterministic world of science and computing(though not always) and may be with non deterministic issues like human relations also. First part I have enough experience say YES. With the second I'm not sure but it is safe to think so.

The consistancy I'm talking is about the nature of the problems. :)

And why am I talking about all these non sense now..?? Yes! I was working on a problem and running into lot of problems. It is good to see things happening every minute.

What else is happening..?? I saw a couple of movies like Indira, Yuva, Chirunavvuto. The common thing or theme in all these movies is you will find atleast one single stubburn/confident personality/character.
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