Sunday, July 27, 2008

communication efficiency.. & predictability

I suspect this is a part of game theory.. (as I haven't read any scientific literature regarding game theory except some article on behavioural economics).

survival.. is the important aspect of any group act staring from living in a society.. If they do not want to survive.. they are not part of it. Let us talk about communication. As people always say, listening is an important part (survival mechanism). People use different approaches/modes.. what I say survive.... (in communication)

Stupids... a mode of a person who feels his survival is guaranteed..

Stylists... a mode of a person, who attracts listeners by some sort of style which is irrelevant to the communication.

Egotist... a person, who believes in attracting listeners by providing a compelling argument. falls back to listener if a superior idea/theme is provided.

Improvisers... a mode, which is similar to egotist.. except the lack of a compelling starting point.

Listeners.. I guess no need to explain..

Survivalist... just survive.

Uselessist ;) .. a mode in which a person could not follow.. the surroundings.

Escapist.. a mode.. took a decision not to survive..

I observed all these modes in.. me. Now we can mix and match these to find out the result of that group act which has a given purpose. I skipped.. so may points in this description 'cas of my inability to qualify them. I wish communication/social activity to be predictable. As a matter of fact it is not.

Useful Hint: Easy way to survive.. (except with stupids) push them to a situation where they need listeners. Example is one to one conversation.... ;)

PS: A cynic trying to qualify the HUMAN factor.

Edit: I guess I've been thinking way too much now a days.. ;) so.. rest for sometime...
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