Saturday, June 28, 2008

Am I a stupid??

My project lead asked me how much time it would take you to convert the CFD backend of this program to Finite Volume approach? and my answere was "I don't know.. but I can ask some one and tell"

Now.. the number one reason why I left research field (even though I don't have any options at that time) to do something that I wanted in a profitable (money making way).. now what I did.. I got an opertunity.. but I blew it of..

Earlier (In those good old days..) I used to think that I have 24hrs.. in a day.. Now after joining.. this company.. there are only 8hrs. Surprisingly this had a larger impact on the way I'm working. I can only think about a day.. now day shrinked... thi s got nothing to do with what I did... but I don't like me saying "I don't know". Instead I should have told.. let me try and see...

PS: Lead is not satisfied with the current backend. This came out in one of the brainstorming sessions.
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